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it’s an aerial yoga practice, a fun and cognitive training that helps to connect your own body in a complete approach.

With the use of the hammock, the practice combines strength and flexibility, challenging ourselves in a matter of coordination and orientation into the space around.

The weight of the body and the force of gravity are used to improve the posture and body alignment.

A regular practice brings long-term benefits: revitalize the spine, relax tensions, and give relief to joints, ligaments and muscles.


The aim of the practice is to learn how to execute the movement with control and balance. Understanding how to coordinate movement and breathing naturally, it generates a pleasant feeling of well-being and relaxation.

The main benefits of the practice is the complete inversion.

3000 years ago the Yogis started to talk about the head-down benefits, especially to stabilize a psychophysical well-being, to set the harmony of the body, to improve the blood circulation and to stimulate brain functions, as the improvement of the pineal and pituitary gland functionality.

The aerial practice reduces the negative effects that gravity has on the body. Medical specialists and athletes confirm the great effectiveness of the anti-gravitational inversion therapy. Few minutes of inversion lets you feel lightness and relax. By exploring a new perception of oneself, of the environment and of the own body weight, generates an important sense’s stimulation.

The inversion helps to relieve muscle’s tension and accelerates the flow of lymphatic fluids, reducing inflammation of joints and improving metabolism.

An inverted position, decrease muscle pain by -35% within 10 seconds.

The inversion also improves digestion and evacuation. Variations such as inverse torsions are long known in yoga because they help improve intestinal motility. Solving the problem of constipation helps the general state of health, which is one of the causes of tiredness, tension and anxiety, limitation of the power of the immune system.



I started my Bodyflying studies in the 2017 and since then I opened

my first Bodyflying classes.

I’m grateful for the different influences I met on my way, exploring the possibilities of a bodyflyingaerialyoga and antigravity methods.
By combining my knowledge and experiences, I drove deeper into the many disciplines to create this special method.
The aerial yoga practice is a fun and mindful training that helps to connect your own body in a complete approach.
With the use of the hammock, the practice combines strength and flexibility, challenging ourselves in a matter of coordination and orientation into the space around us.
The weight of the body and the force of gravity are used to improve posture, body alignment, flexibility, strenght, relaxation and back relief.

Meet and discover more about the aerial practice, and you will know a lot more about your body and possibilities!





Join us in this unique BODYFLYING, aerial yoga teacher training. Whether you are already a yoga teacher looking to expand your teaching resume, or an aerial student looking to deepen your practice – this 30 hour training is for you. In collaboration with Barrefit Bcn, we’re going to offer the first aerial yoga teacher training! Join us and learn the tools to lead aerial yoga classes anywhere in the world! 

The training is led by Eleonora Tirabassi, who brought the Bodyflying method in Barcelona, enriching it with the practice and exploration of different aerial methodologies as Yoga trapeze, Yoga Aereo and Antigravity...

Read below for all the details you need to know! 






  • Weekend One: dates to be confirmed
  • Weekend Two: dates to be confirmed




  • Module 1: Safe Sequencing Module
  • Module 2: Leading with Confidence


The training is semi-private with limited number of students accepted.


The aerial yoga teacher training 25-hour program is both for students looking to deepen their aerial yoga practice, and for those looking to become an aerial yoga teacher. You do not need to have a teaching background, but a background in yoga, Pilates or dance is recommended.



Expand your teaching portfolio and become certified in this unique style of yoga.

Learn the tools to not only lead an aerial yoga class, but also advance your own teaching voice and style, fine-tune your skills as a teacher and take the time for self-development and introspection.



Advance your aerial yoga practice. Learn the postures in detail and discover a new appreciation for the aerial practice. Find the confidence to take your aerial practice to a home practice, and learn safe techniques to practice in and out of the studio. 

This training is a perfect way for a yoga student to create an even deeper relationship with their practice. 

  • Deepen your practice and understanding of aerial postures.
  • Learn basic aerial yoga postures and how to teach them confidently.
  • Learn to clearly communicate how to get in and out of postures, transitions and inversions.
  • Learn how to structure and sequence an aerial yoga class
  • Examples of aerial yoga sequences are provided in the manual.
  • Basic anatomy and benefits of aerial yoga.
  • Contraindications of aerial yoga and discussion about modifications for different circumstances such as injuries, pregnancy, dizziness, joint pain, back issues etc.
  • Safety and rigging of aerial hammocks indoors.
  • Learn how to safely lead a mixed level aerial class.
  • Learn how to help beginners get in and out of inversions safely.
  • Information about the hammock set: structure, knots, rope, ...

  • Verbal, Visual & Manual Adjustments
  • Learn tips and techniques for teaching clearly, and communicating in a way to keep your students safe and confident in their aerial yoga practice.
  • You will receive a manual with the different yoga postures and sequences with photos of each posture. Safety information and information to help you start leading an aerial yoga class.


For more information and how to reserve a spot, contact us:



Limited space available!

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