I discovered the potential of movement when I was a child.

For few years I was floundering around into different practices, but did not fully comprehend the dichotomy between methods, between dancing or gymnastics.


One day I realized that something was wrong, and

this awareness, led me to an important revelation:

I realized the need to explore deeper, to fully understand the individual disciplines and their relation with body-movement.


Through this journey and study I became a movement professional.

I have been practicing contemporary dance in the DAF,

dance professional academy in Rome,

and this paved the way for a great opportunity in Barcelona. 

I started my dance career in 2014, performing great shows in beautiful teathers and stages.


Once I had made my passion clear, and with deep love for my profession,

I wanted to deelop methods to keep my body safe.

This drill drove me into the Aerial yoga practice.

A nice relief for my body stretch that it started to feed my Yoga curiosities.

I started my Bodyflying studies in the 2017 and since then I opened

my first Bodyflying classes.



By combining my knowledge and experience, I drove deeper into the

 infinite possibilities of body expressions and the correlation between practices and methods. I fly into dancing, barre training, aerial and yoga practices. 

With a versatile approach background,

 I want to counsel you into your body experience.


 I Hope you can find in my webpage constructice suggestions and great inspirations.




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